The Overtones

The Overtones are UK’s “Kings of doo-wop”!

The Overtones – a five-part vocal harmony group that serves to remind us of the one thing in music nobody can ever really tire of: the power of the voice.

The Overtones are Mark Franks, Mike Crawshaw, Darren Everest, Timmy Matley and Lachie Chapman, five young men from England, Ireland and Australia who all sing impeccably and are exceptionally talented. They were drawn into one another’s orbit out of a mutual respect for truly great male voices such as The Temptations, The Drifters, Boyz II Men. Yet, it was a rocky road until they finally formed a quintet…

Constantly crossing each other’s path at the Open Mic Circuit in London Mark Franks, Mike Crawshaw, Darren Everest and Timmy Matley soon noticed how their voices perfectly harmonised. And so did their interests. All of them were used to life in the limelight; Mark from Manchester was a professionally trained dancer who spent time touring with some of the biggest names in British pop, Bristolian Mike travelled the world whilst working as a successful model, Darren spent the bulk of his teenage years on the stage and the pitch (he is very nifty with a football), and Irish born Timmy appeared in Fame in the West End.

“We played everywhere, at every possible event you could imagine,”

says Darren.

“Social events, weddings, pubs, you name it.”

And they always, he adds, went down well, whatever the audience:

“Even in those pubs where fights started up amongst the alcoholics…”

Yet, their sound still seemed to be lacking a certain something. Three years later, Timmy met Lachie while they were both doing promotional jobs, passing out leaflets at a mall.

“Lachie had the most amazing bass voice I’d ever heard. I instantly thought he’d really complete the sound.”

Timmy continues

“So, we all met up, did some harmonies together and Lachie fitted right in. He was the icing on the cake!”

Lachie, a Sydney born actor, had trod the boards with a number of London and Sydney theatre companies. At the sound of Lachie’s remarkably bass voice even Barry White would have experienced a great thrill.

The band played endlessly and forever sent out demo tapes. In order to have more time to practice together and still be able to make a living, Darren and Mike had the idea of setting up decorating business. It perhaps goes without saying that five men who could sing as well as they did and look as good were never going to go unnoticed. While practicing some songs during lunch break in preparation of a performance later in the evening, they were discovered by a talent scout. Soon after, they were in the boardroom at Warners, proving that they could sing pretty much anything, rescuing old forgotten classics and injecting them with vim and swagger, and an immense amount of likeability. By the time they left, they were clutching a five-album recording contract.

Conrad Withey, then President at Warner Music Entertainment, even referred to The Overtones as the “biggest breakthrough act of the year” – which is absolutely to the point!

Their two hit albums, 2010’s ‘Good Ol’ Fashioned Love’ (#4 UK charts) and 2012’s ‘Higher’ (#5 UK charts), have sold over 600,000 copies becoming gold- and platinum-certified. Even their recent third album ‘Saturday Night At The Movies’ (#5 UK charts) has already been awarded gold.

Along the way The Overtones have sold out several tours, filling venues such as London’s Palladium and The Hammersmith with just the blink of an eye. They enjoyed a succession of major achievements, including performing in front of 250,000 people at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert, appearing at the Festival of Remembrance, The Olympic Games in London as well as hitting London’s Hyde Park for major festival shows at BT London Live (2012) and British Summer Time (2013).

In Febuary/March 2014 The Overtones once more got to enjoy their personal favourite time of the year – touring! They did 3 concerts in Ireland followed by 19 gigs in the UK. Within a short time their ‘Saturday Night At The Movies Tour’ had sold out, leading to an additional London concert by popular demand!

The Overtones continued touring supporting no-one less than Sir Cliff Richard at his Germany concerts in May 2014 and promoting their album ‘Saturday Night At The Movies’ – with smashing success as all expectations have been exceeded!

For some time, The Overtones have been drawing a veil of secrecy over their eagerly awaited fourth album – until November 20th 2014! Album number four is called ‘Sweet Soul Music‘ and has just been officially released on March 2nd 2015!

Following the release of their brand new fourth album, The Overtones will be back on the road again in June 2015. ‘An Evening With The Overtones‘ Tour 2015 has just been extended by three additional dates due to popular demand!

(Sources: Warner Bros Records, Warner Music Germany)

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