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The Overtones latest tour hit Blackpool. The third album “Saturday Night at the Movies” has more of a concept than the previous albums with them covering popular songs from movies along with a few new songs. As a band known more the covers it’s a logical move and ties the songs together.

The atmosphere was infectious!

The Overtones fan bases are a loyal and dedicated bunch. It was clear by the cross section of the crowd that what they lacked in youth, they more than made up for in enthusiasm. From the shout out from the band it was clear that most of the audience had been to a previous show and were loving it. The atmosphere was infectious and this really makes the night. Even though the venue was seated most the audience spent the night on their feet dancing in the seats, aisles and runways.

All songs performed with outstanding enthusiasm!

The Overtones perform almost the entirety of the album along with a few of their biggest hits from the earlier albums. The balance between up tempo dance along songs such as Hit the Road Jack, Who But the Bomp and Pretty Woman is tempered by easy listening classic such as The Longest Time and It Had To Be You. All are performed with outstanding enthusiasm. The stand out classics were definitely The Bare Necessities/ I Wanna Be Like You jungle book mash up and the sublime Moon River. It’s almost become tradition on The Overtones tour for them to perform a cover that’s a little outside of their usual scope, this time Daft Punk’s Get Lucky gets the treatment. The result was great fun and definitely hit the spot. As you can imagine, the vocals and harmonies are slick and never miss a note.

The vocals and harmonies are slick and never miss a note!

It would be easy for the show to be just five guys behind microphones singing but the choreography really makes the performance pop. The guys wiggle, strut and jive through the songs and end up performing in the audience at one point. It’s not many bands that would be brave enough to give the chorus of the last song over to their audiences, but that sums up the band. Cheeky and knowingly laughing along at themselves, the guys even stayed after the show to sign CDs and take photos with the fans. I know it’s a cliché but more than any other show, it really feels like a party that everyone’s invited to.

5 Stars!



Published: 16th March 2014

Author: Barry Heap

Source: The Gay UK

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