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We at Bring The Noise love all genres of music and tonight we’re being met with a new musical experience as we head to the BIC to see Rock Pop & Roll singer Si Cranstoun and vocal harmony quintet The Overtones.

Having previously heard very little about Si Cranstoun we instantly found out that he’s signed to Warner and will be releasing his album in the Autumn, which got repeated throughout the night. His catchy numbers including Coupe De Ville found us tapping along to the insanely smooth and infectious tones. Complimenting The Overtones superbly the vocalist made an intense connection with the crowd telling stories of when he visited Bournemouth as a child and more recently busked here, being proof hard work brings rewards.

The Overtones bring
something special to the scene with their slick vocal harmonies!

With this being their Saturday Night at The Movies tour, we had sneaky suspicions The Overtones would be giving us a musical trip down movie memory lane and boy did we get proved right. As the curtain dropped we settled down into our seats for our Thursday night treat. Captivating the audience’s attention from the onset, the 20th Century Fox theme set the crowds hearts racing and the screams up a notch or ten. The Overtones bring something special to the scene with their slick vocal harmonies and melodies to melt the hearts of many.

Performing tracks including Shake A Tail Feather, Runaway and Pretty Woman this was a trip down memory lane for many of the older aged in the audience who as whispers confirmed many “had grown up with this music”. Catering for the younger in the audience came with a Jungle Book mash-up of Bare Necessities and I Wanna Be Like You. It couldn’t have been a funnier five minutes to witness with the crowd regardless of age being on their feet boogying around to the perfectly entwined vocals of the quintet.

Their acoustic version of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky - a simply gorgeous moment!

Bringing an unexpected addition to the set came with a stripped back version of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, for a band priding off their lyrical efforts the track usually heavily features backing vocals and effects yet not this time. It became a simply gorgeous moment in which the room became united and stood to their feet dancing along to the number providing a lot of smiles from all generations.

But the guys didn’t forget the crowd favourites such as Sh-Boom and Gambling Man which saw the crowd on their feet dancing along trying to mimic the perfect dance routines shown by the quintet.  Receiving some of the largest cheers of the night it was no wonder since these have become a solid number in the slick set. Alongside latest release Superstar which was loving dedicated to a recently married couple in the audience, such a simple gesture but one which considering it was part of their honeymoon will never be forgotten.

With a simple back drop featuring their name, red carpets, directors chairs and a dash of show lights the emphasis with these guys always lies on the vocals. That’s quite simply what they’re known for using their voices as instruments vocalist Lachie Chapman and Timmy Matley stole the limelight throughout with their powerful yet as and when needed delicate vocal notes. All five members (Chapman, Matley, Mike Crawshaw, Mark Franks and Darren Everest) flaunt superb vocal ranges which are similar when merge yet equally unique bringing together perfected harmonies.

The Overtones flaunt
superb vocal ranges!

As the set drew to a close heart melting Moon River turned the room from a dancing upbeat scene to a sat down swaying in unison moment as Chapman became the vocal highlight being to blame for the ladies hearts which were being melted. Closing the set on a resounding high came with Do You Love Me and you know what? The answer to that would be yes, yes we do as did everyone else in the room. The Overtones may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they know how to win over hearts and put on a cracking show and we cannot wait until our next instalment.



Published: 27th February 2014

Author: Nicola Craig

Source: Bring The Noise

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