The Overtones – Bournemouth Pavilion – Southern Daily Echo

The five men that make up the Platinum-selling vocal group, The Overtones, certainly know the formula for a good show.

They sang in silhouette before the audience could see their faces, they provided audience participation by splitting the audience into teams and getting them to sing, and they came to mingle with fans during the show.

With their name up in lights above the stage, the audience was told by group member Timmy: “You’re making dreams come true right now.”

Energetic and completely in sync with one another!

The music was loud and showy, with big band tunes as well as soft rhythm and blues, with the men taking it in turns to be the lead vocal. With their own songs, such as their album title track, Good Ol’ Fashioned Love, as well as covers of popular modern songs performed acoustically, these sharp-suited characters gave plenty of opportunities for the audience to dance.

Ladies of all ages screamed when the boys came down into the audience to meet their awaiting fans.

It was memorable for many, and the group were energetic and completely in sync with one another.



Published: 12th October 2011

Author: Caitlin Marsh

Source: Southern Daily Echo

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