The Overtones at IndigO2 –

Doo-wop quintuple The Overtones hit London’s IndigO2 last Friday with a set that spellbound the audience.

The band made their debut in 2010 with the platinum selling album ‘Good Ol’ Fashioned Love,’ and the current tour plucks hits from all 3 of their records, chiefly from their most recent, ‘Saturday Night at the Movies’. The tour riffs on the movie motif throughout, the chaps hitting the stage amid a flurry of spotlights and a booming rendition of the 20th Century Fox jingle, with grandiose red velvet curtains drawing up to reveal the 5-piece posing, huddled together.

The audience were on their feet for the entirety of the set!

As an aside, the venue itself came as a bit of a surprise. Housed under the same dome as the O2 arena, the IndigO2 is a remarkably budget affair. It is of course a fraction of the size of the stadium, and it’s hard to believe the two venues share the same canvas topping. The developers have swapped out the simple sleek design of the O2 for what, at first glance, recalls a low rent night club. In terms of size, it’s much more like the Hammersmith Apollo, with the acoustics being similarly sharp. Once the lights went down and the band came out, the venue became much more intimate.

You’d be hard pressed to leave without a big smile!

The band rattled through their back catalogue, and it’s a strong one, having rerecorded a good number of classic tracks over the span of their three albums. The audience were on their feet for the entirety of the set, and naturally, they went especially wild for The Overtones’ biggest hits, ‘Sh Boom’ and ‘Gambling Man’. They picked well, and the setlist sustained strong momentum throughout. The five-piece are, thankfully, a band that sound as good live as they do on their albums, reassuring that there hasn’t been much in the way of vocal tinkering on the production side. They sound brilliant, and it’s a treat to hear bass singer Lachie Chapman live since his voice in particular is so unusual. It’s especially noticeable on the act’s mash-up of ‘The Bare Necessities/I Wanna Be Like You’.

During one nifty costume change, the band returned amid the audience, moseying through, dispensing hugs, hand shakes and high fives. It went down incredibly well with the crowd, who were able to get some close up snaps with the singers themselves.

The lads are well worth catching live. The band sit somewhere between Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, and a set of five Michael Bublés. Their performance, their charming chatter and strong stage presence
made for a fun evening, and you’d be hard pressed to leave without a big smile.



Published: 27th March 2014

Author: Dom Ellis

Source: SoSoGay

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