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The Overtones at Portsmouth Guildhall – The News

It’s unusual for the audience to be up and dancing within the first line of a song, but the Overtones managed it at the Portsmouth Guildhall.

Timmy Matley, Mike Crawshaw, Lachie Chapman, Mark Franks and Darren Everest gave their fans a night to remember rattling through a jam-packed set of show tunes to promote their latest album Saturday Night at the Movies. […]

Published: 13th March 2014

Author: Kayleigh Millen

Source: The News

The Overtones at Sage Gateshead – Chronicle Live

Five-piece harmony group, The Overtones, returned to the Sage in Gateshead for a spectacular evening of upbeat entertainment.

Promoting their latest album, Saturday Night at the Movies, the five boys played a solid performance from the beginning to end in a sold-out arena. […]

Published: 11th March 2014

Author: Josh McClean

Source: Chronicle Live

The Overtones at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall -Liverpool Echo

It is a rare musical act which has it’s audience on its feet and dancing almost before a note has been played, particularly in the sometimes rarified surroundings of The Philharmonic Hall , but the Overtones managed it.

This five piece close harmony group which specialises in a vintage sound – think a Call the Midwife kind of soundtrack – knew exactly what their audience wanted and gave it to them in bucketloads. That said if their devoted following – die hard fans calls themselves Toners – expected a straightforward playlist of classic doo wop 50s tunes mingled with easy listening covers they were in for a surprise. […]

Published: 11th March 2014

Author: Susan Lee

Source: Liverpool Echo

The Overtones at Ulsterhall, Belfast – Gigging Northern Ireland

Doo-wop boy band The Overtones were welcomed back to Belfast with open arms on Wednesday 19th February at Ulster Hall.

Specialising in covering a wide range of artists with faultless vocal harmonies, the five-piece returned to Belfast following the release of their third album “Saturday Night at the Movies”.

[…] anticipation amped and a contagious excited atmosphere filled the hall. […]

Published: 20th February 2014

Author: Una Mackle

Source: Gigging Northern Ireland

The Overtones at York Barbican – York Press

Returning to York Barbican for the third time, The Overtones are touring once again, promoting their latest album, Saturday Night At the Movies. […] Following a bombastic, cinema-styled entrance, The Overtones quickly had the crowd moving and shaking with a medley of old and new songs, crooner classic and creative covers, all filtered through their own delightful doo-wop style. People were soon dancing in the aisles. […]

Published: 6th March 2014

Author: Robert McKelvey

Source: York Press

The Overtones – Birmingham – NativeMonster.com

The audience was on its feet within seconds of their first song and that’s how it stayed for the remainder of the night as The Overtones performed a selection of classic hits at Symphony Hall last night.

The band, made up of Mark Franks, Mike Crawshaw, Darren Everest, Timmy Matley and Lachie Chapman, gave their fans a night to remember with a jam-packed set of show tunes to promote their latest album Saturday Night at the Movies.  The vocal harmony group impressed with renditions of Why Do Fools Fall in Love, It Had to Be You and Shake Your Tail Feather. Do You Love Me from Dirty Dancing was particularly popular with the females in the audience. […]

Published: 21st March 2014

Author: Charlotte Lilley

Source: NativeMonster.com

The Overtones at BIC – Bournemouth Echo

Five piece harmony group The Overtones delivered one of the best nights out for their devoted fans.

The opening featured the 20th Century Fox introduction and sound-bites from films then the curtain was raised to reveal the group and their band upon rich red carpets with directors chairs and film strip decorations – it was Saturday Night at the Movies. […]

Published: 28th February 2014

Author: Victoria Davies

Source: Bournemouth Echo

The Overtones at Colston Hall Bristol – The Bristol Post

Having seen The Overtones on TV a couple of times, I was looking forward to this show with mixed feelings.

Could they hold an audience for an hour and a half? How many dance routines are there? Would they start repeating their moves? Are their vocals strong enough? However, they look good on the telly and they are certainly talented as their first album Good Ol’ fashioned Love demonstrated.

Well I had absolutely nothing to worry about as Tim, Mark, Lachie, Darren and Mike (from Bristol) performed a set which was just about as slick as it is possible to imagine. […]

Published: 13th March 2014

Author: The Bristol Post

Source: The Bristol Post

The Overtones at Olympia Theatre – GoldenPlec

Charismatic, flamboyant and dapper are just a few words that describe the five-piece male a cappella group,
The Overtones. Currently touring their third album ‘Saturday Night at the Movies’, the group have established a large following of self-confessed ‘Toners’ and here, in the Olympia Theatre, it’s not just the tight harmonies that have impulsive women dominating the audience tonight. […]

Published: 21st February 2014

Author: Thelma Harris

Source: GoldenPlec.com

The Overtones at Royal Concert Hall – Nottingham Post

Doo-wop band The Overtones were back in Nottingham to remind their fans what they had been missing.

Specialising in covering a wide range of artists with their faultless vocal harmonies, this quintet came to the Royal Concert Hall following the release of their third album, Saturday Night At The Movies. Their fan base are a dedicated loyal bunch, and it was clear by the cross section of the crowd that what they lacked in youth, they more than made up for in enthusiasm, as they were whipped into a frenzy which never stopped. […]

Published: 20th March 2014

Author: Kevin Cooper

Source: Nottingham Post

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